Ms. Cheezious.. will you marry me?

My oh my, look at how the grilled cheese has grown up! Being the first anything I attempted to cook and failed horribly at when 7 years old, the GC has always been close to my.. belly heart, right next to croquetas. My Croqueta Monsieur was everything I hoped it would be. Soft and melty… Continue reading Ms. Cheezious.. will you marry me?


Seafood Perfection. By, Migonette

Woohoo! As good as it gets!--doesn't quite explain it! Everything was perfection, and I don't just say that because of my hot date 😉 We happened to get set in the corner table, the best spot in the house if you asked us. From the street it looks like a small space but there's an… Continue reading Seafood Perfection. By, Migonette


The best days are.. Lazy Days-Marathon Key

Talk about a view! We've been to Lazy Days Islamorada before and tried South since we were in Marathon. My husband had been talking about a Lion Fish Sandwich for days since we knew we were heading down and thank goodness they had it! If you're unfamiliar, Lion Fish is a invasive species brought over… Continue reading The best days are.. Lazy Days-Marathon Key