Media Maven | Hungry Girl | Lame Joke Teller

Hi there!

I’m Elizabeth– just a little mamma jamma eating + sweating + playing in the 305!

I’m super curious individual, passionate about connecting with our community
 and am so fortunate to do this on a regular basis including through one more big thing I’m passionate about.. FOOD! And not just the literal comidas I stick with a fork or grab with my fingers and shove my face with.. but the Miami Culinary Scene as a whole.
We live in the mother of all melting pots giving us endless options to explore and experience venues and cuisines and a city still growing and learning it’s identity.
My intention is for you to leave here finding a place you just gotta check out whether that be a restaurant, gym, new neighborhood.. and feeling curious and inclined to get to know a more of our city + smile at a stranger 🙂
Something else to know! After over 7 years in the Spa industry, I recently began the transition into the Media/Broadcasting industry, mysincerelymiami.com also serves as my portfolio including voiceovers, audio, video, and, of course writing samples… incase you were wondering!

SHEIN -Your Online Fashion Two-piece





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