Ms. Cheezious.. will you marry me?

My oh my, look at how the grilled cheese has grown up! Being the first anything I attempted to cook and failed horribly at when 7 years old, the GC has always been close to my.. belly heart, right next to croquetas.

20160117_160253_resizedMy Croqueta Monsieur was everything I hoped it would be. Soft and melty and too good not to finish the whole thing. Unfortunately I can’t speak for my husbands BBQ Pulled Pork Melt. I like to give him a chance to get a bit in after he waits patently as I take a photo of everything and before I ask for a bite, but I waited too long as I do sometimes. Along with his “Sorry, too slow.. you missed out” and “the bomb” I write confidently it was everything he hoped for too. The Mac & Cheese topped with Bacon was pretty good. Separately, the Mac and cheese was just ok.. but the bacon made it pretty good. And because it was a Sunday and technically Brunch time, I washed all the delicious cheesiness down with a mimosa. They also have brews on tap, mostly local from what I saw.

We were also celebrating our little furry boy’s 5th birthday! There is a great pup friendly ‘back yard’ space with random furniture and corn hole! Mmmm.. this guilty little pleasure will certainly be day dreamt about until the we meet again!

Happy Birthday Oliver!

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