The best days are.. Lazy Days-Marathon Key

Talk about a view! We’ve been to Lazy Days Islamorada before and tried South since we were in Marathon. My husband had been talking about a Lion Fish Sandwich for days since we knew we were heading down and thank goodness they had it! If you’re unfamiliar, Lion Fish is a invasive species brought over I believe from Japan that has no predators in our waters. As they’re really exotic looking and neat to look at, they eat our fish and affect our waters. As we fish ourselves, knowing there is one less bully Lion Fish in the water is very satisfying, and he’s delicious. Don’t say I never taught you anything!

Lazy Days.jpg
725 11th St. Marathon, FL 33050


Service was great, a young man who grew up in the area gave great recommendations on how to order our fishes, Lazy Days style it was! The Lion Fish Sandwich for the guys, I stuck with a Lazy Days style grouper sandwich, I never had Lion Fish before so I ordered what I know. Perfectly cooked with great topped with fresh diced tomatoes, scallions, shredded Parmesan, and key lime butter. MMMmmm MM! Ohh and the Seafood bisque was delish. They also will cook your catch which is always fun!

Good wine and beer selection, And the venue itself was great, a nice warm welcome to Marathon for us. Indoor seating is available but of course we wanted to be out on the covered patio deck on the water with a beautiful view  of the sunset.

Fortunately our fur baby wasn’t with us this time as this location is not dog friendly, however Islamorada locations is so it’s forgivable 🙂


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