Hidden on NW 25th a block east off the hustle and bussle of Wynwood’s 2nd Ave, Baccano was a SCORE for a little Sunday brunch to fulfill our pizza craving. Outdoor seating is always a plus for us so we can bring our fur baby along. There’s not a ton of it, just enough.

We split the mozzarella prosciutto panini,
big and scrumptious, along with the Calzone Ripieno. We went for pizza and though I know what a Calzone is it completely didn’t click that I wasn’t ordering a normal pie, however, we certainly weren’t disappointed. The bread for both was to die for! The perfect texture and absolutely delicious! Though I’ve never been to Italy, I was given the impression this is what authentic Italian tastes like. Of course I washed everything down with a $5 Sunday mimosa!

We wish we could toss up one last star but the service was the only thing Baccano’s was lacking. We weren’t greeted, went inside to pick up our own menu, and though I’m sure he is a lovely man when he knows you, our service was very dry. The kind that comes, takes your order, drops your food, refills your drink, then drops your check, no smiles, “Welcome”, “you have to try our____” or “have a nice day:” included. Gimme some personality man, just a little!

None the less, we’ll be back.. it’s close, delicious, uncrowded block of Wynwood, pup friendly, and I’ll be armed with lame jokes for our server if I have to be!


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