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Staycation Series: Delray Beach Getaway

I would say it is time for a staycation, but let’s be real people, it is always time for a staycation! Taking a full blown vacation may not be in the cards, or budget, for us anytime soon. However, an hour and a half drive to a nearby beach town is totally doable.  We recently… Continue reading Staycation Series: Delray Beach Getaway


RSVP Skinnies

It's no secret that your girl enjoys a good cocktail or happy hour. What I enjoy even more is sweets, so being able to cut sugars calories in my cocktails is SUPER exciting! I've partnered with RSVP Skinnies to share with you The Perfect Mixers! These zero calorie mixers with all natural ingredients are changing… Continue reading RSVP Skinnies