Pasta, Cheese, and Wine.. oh my!

Wow, Cibo exceeded our expectations. The venue itself is absolutely stunning. To one side you have a more causal bar area where you can catch a game and to the other is the dining room with decor and details to the 10th power. The two story glass wine cellar with the as we called her, “wine fairy” on a harness to retrieve your bottle is the icing on the cake, and I haven’t even gotten to the menu!

I just love when fresh warm bread is brought to the table, especially when it’s as delicious as that at Cibo. The menu is one of those that takes me a ridiculously long time to decide because there are so many options and EVERYTHING LOOKS AMAZING. If I order too fast I eat with my eyes.. it’s  a process I’ve learned to take slow. Below you will salivate over just three of our dishes.The one of many meat and cheese plates to choose
from didn’t quite make it 5 minutes on the table.  I ordered the orecchiette with rapini, spicy Italian sausage, fontina, and parmigano. I’ve been thinking about it ever since and have persuaded my husband to take me back within the same week. My girlfriends gnocchi with ricotta, tomato sauce, and parmigiana reggiano was just as salivating as well as the risotto with porcini mushroom and fresh, crisp Caesar salad. Many of the pastas are made in house and there is an open style kitchen where you can see the actual pastas being crafted. It’s truly impressive.

Unfortunately where was no room for dessert this go round, but our bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon brought down by the wine fairy was dessert enough. A table of 4 ladies with rumbling indecisive bellies and big personalities can be challenging but our waitress was on point just lovely.

Venue, menu, service, food, portions, everything was five stars, hands down. Looking forward to my next visit, hopefully the stunning rooftop I have seen in photos will be open to dine!


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