Talk sweaty to me: Legacy Fit

I’ve been sweating at Legacy off and on for nearly 3 years now. I move or I slack but I always go back! I don’t know of another program around like the one they have going on here. You do what is called PIT-Partner Interval Training.  You get pared with a partner and go to a number of stations for two minutes at a time. Most stations your switch on and off resting while your partner performs the station, some you are being active at the same time. One may be doing rope slams.. which I DESPISE, while the other is pushing a sled with weights I try to pretend are not there. At any given moment there’s a chance you may have a trainer hop on the sled for a ride down the turf. Keep moving, they’re not getting off.
Along with the all the intense fun inside, there is also a lot across from the building with a sand pit, tires, ropes, and even more fun stuff. The guys switch it up to keep it interesting for those of you who I admire and go more then twice a week.

The Bootcamp classes start as early as 6:00am I believe and theres several sessions in the morning and evening for even the busiest of schedules.. basically there is NO EXCUSE! Oh, and it’s not just bootcamp. There are also Open gym memberships and trainers.

The trainers are all awesome, knowledgeable, encouraging, motivating, and so different with their training strategy. They do have one big thing in common.. DO NOT BE LATE TO THEIR CLASS! Don’t be the a— who makes everyone have to run to the stop sign, AGAIN! I notice some reviews complaining about there being so many people and no one on one, just ask. If you don’t get an exercise or aren’t sure about your form, ask the trainer.. don’t be scared. Joe doesn’t bite, I promise. Chances are your partner can help a bit too.

I won’t say that it’s not for beginners, however… beginners, just know what you’re getting yourself into. It’s tough, like you’ve probably never worked out in your life before tough. It doesn’t get easier, you will get better at it. Your going to be sore. Use your partner as your motivation, don’t slack. Add a little weight, your’d be surprised what your body can handle when you mentally prepare and push yourself to do and be better then expected. I drag my feet most days I walk around the corner but after I’m so glad I did it. Hope to see you in class! DON’T BE LATE!


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