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One More Reason to Love the 305 – Sanguich De Miami

Does anyone else immediately feel the need to break into dance when getting our of the car on Calle Ocho? Talk about #livinlavidalocal

There’s many reasons to love the Magic City, especially the Historical Little Havana neighborhood. However there’s one particular that needs a post all it’s own. Sanguich De Miami.


I first visited Sanguich when they opened a temporary shipping container on Calle Ocho in Miami’s Little Havana and was beyond impressed their the delicious sammies they were pumping out of there. Seeing the next move and expansion of Sanguich to a more permanent location just down the Calle is so exciting to. (See what I did there…)


A gorgeous Emerald Green color covers the walls, stunning Spanish style tiles on the floors, with every inch of the space so beautifully designed including brass trimmings, and the the most tropical wallpapered restrooms you’ll ever see. Yes, the restrooms are even worth mentioning.  The best part of the esthetics, owners Danny and Rosa designed it themselves. Not only are they killing the Sanguich game, they could give some Interior Designers a run for their money.

Incase you hadn’t caught on yet, Sanguiches are the name of the game at Sanguich De Miami. The menu is full of Cuban classics including El Cubano, Croquetta Preparada, Sanguich De Miami, Pan Con Bistec and a 24-hour marinated Pan Con Lechon which is where it all started. After a friendly blind tasting competition of Lechon between Danny, his mother, his tia, and a family friend. Tia’s feelings may have been a little hurt when the friend’s recipe was chosen as the crowd favorite. And this Miami is how Sanguiche De Miami began!


Also on the menu you’ll find both classic Mamey, Platano, Mango Y Trigo Batidos (similar to a shake) and special Batidos like my favorite, the Coladita (cuban coffee shake pictured above).

What’s a Cuban Sanguich joint without Croquettas and Chicharrones and a ventanita!? Just another Sandwich joint. Walk up to the window to take your Sanguich to-go or head inside to sit at the counter for a warm neighborhood experience. This spot has #locallove #community #neighborhood #miami written all over it.


Beauty, character, warm, cozy, and serving up some damn good food. If Sanguich De Miami were a woman, you’d want to put a ring on it.

 Sanguich De Miami 




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