Coopers Craft Summer Sippers


Coopers Craft had Miami Bloggers Springing into Summer like…

Jordan @pricklyfresh, Mari @littlemariii, Rachel @stickaforkinme, y yo

Has anyone in the history of mankind used that pun before? I’m just going to accept credit for a good one. Now, back to the post!

Coopers Craft hosted their Bloggers Shindig this year at the Wynwood Market Place on the most perfect Saturday yet. The activation from top to bottom was beautifully brought together transforming the typically open space to a Summertime fine event lounge that I wouldn’t mind having installed in my new backyard. *When your finished with the set up, feel free to bring it over, with an oak barrel… or two ;)*

Sure, we did a little bit of dranki… I mean, drinking (sorry.. my Friday night was coming out, it’s only Tuesday) but Coopers Craft also dropped some Bourbon knowledge on us. Here’s my takeaways:

• 100% of Bourbon’s color and 50% of it’s flavor is contributed to it’s barrel

• Bourbon is only made in the USA and it used to be specifically Kentucky

• There are 5 rules to being labeled a Bourbon

  1. Must be made in the USA
  2. Must be aged in a NEW oak barrel
  3. Must be AT LEAST 51% corn
  4. Cannot be bottled at less than 80 Proof
  5. Cannot be put into the barrel at more than 125 proof

While ideally I would recreate this event for you all to enjoy.. as much as I love a well crafted cocktail but I’m certainly no mixologist. So, I’ll share a gallery of fun photos I will later on a boring afternoon come look at to reminisce this Saturday afternoon in April!


This event was Sponsored by Coopers Craft. THANK YOU to the beauty, Paola Mendez and the South Florida Bloggers Union for inviting me to be a part of it! Looking forward to next year!


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