RSVP Skinnies

It’s no secret that your girl enjoys a good cocktail or happy hour. What I enjoy even more is sweets, so being able to cut sugars calories in my cocktails is SUPER exciting!

I’ve partnered with RSVP Skinnies to share with you The Perfect Mixers!

These zero calorie mixers with all natural ingredients are changing the cocktail game. Stash them in your clutch when you’re heading to happy hour or toss them in your beach bag, pour yourself just a little (or a lot) of your preferred liquor, soda/water, mix these babies in, and BAM.. you have yourself a Baja Margarita or a New York Cosmo!

Shop RSVP Skinnies

Skinnies come in four flavors:

• Baja Margarita

• Cranberry Twist

• Maui Mai Tai

• London Gimlet

or variety packs!


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