Brunches to Brag About, Downtown & Brickell

Breakfast at B Bistro & Bakery

I’m a huge fan of Brunch.. more specifically the breakfast items! Chef/Partner Henry Hané has curated a menu at B Bistro & Bakery that is keeping Brunch alive all week long with an incredible Breakfast menu.

The dishes you’re quite possibly drooling over here are:

Croque Madame: house croissant loaf, dijon bechamel, shredded gruyere, smoked ham, swiss cheese, soft egg drip

Smoked Salmon Scramble: watercress, creme fraiche, everything bagel topping,

Truffle Bun: scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, truffle aioli, watercress, bacon gam, figs bread

Mexican Avocado Toast: charred jalapeno crema, cotija cheese, lime, charred corn, pickled fresnos, mexican creama, cilantro

Granola Bowl: yuzu yogurt, macerated fruits, house granola, berry gel

Delicious Dishes made with quality ingredients a beautiful venue– what more could you ask for!?



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