Coopers’ Craft|Summer Sippers + South Florida Bloggers


Coopers Craft sure knows how to entertain! Most Blogger events include tasting, taking photos, mingling, and pairing Instagram handles with real human beings you’ve been engaging with for months but meet for the first time. While I’ve only attended a few of theses shin-digs, this was certainly a special experience.


The day and location at House Kitchen & Bar in Coral Gables we’re absolutely perfect. We were welcomed with a rustic drink key to redeem at the bar for one of two crafted cocktails– a Cooper’s Cup and Kentucky Luxedo. Both refreshing and made with Coopers Craft Bourbon at the vintage decorated outdoor bar.

House Kitchen & Bar served up an array of appetizers and kept them coming! I just melt DSC_0014for a good pizza and burger and House served up all of it plus calamari, wings, and my favorite.. brussels sprouts!

Now the highlight of the day would have to be being handed shakers and muddlers to whip up our own cocktails. It’s just fun shaking a shaker with Outkast – ‘Shake It’ in my head!



Cooper’s Craft representative, Cindy , really knows her stuff and dropped all sorts of Whisky knowledge!

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 12.50.15 PM

While all Bourbon is whisky, not all whisky is bourbon. Kentucky’s limestone water is what adds sweet notes to the whisky that is aged in American White Oak Barrels. Cooper’s Craft is a bourbon that my husband will be proud of me for finding!


To blogging friends, South Florida Bloggers Union, Cooper’s Craft, House Kitchen & Bar, and all crafted cocktails.. cheers!

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 12.48.17 PM
photo courtesy Jordan Dick Photography – IG @dicktographix


*this was a sponsored event




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