Miami Dolphins On the Clock Draft Party


On Thursday April 28th the Miami Dolphins hosted their Beat the Clock Draft watch party at Nova Southeastern University. Fans from all over South Florida came out to meet players and alumni, get autographs, wait anxiously to find out who would be picked up by the Dolphins.

Thank you to the Dolphins organization for giving Miami Media School the opportunity to attend and interview these players and fans. It was truly an exciting experience for me personally as I continue through my program and feel my world getting one step closer to my career. Nat Moore was an absolute pleasure to speak with. He is full of passion for South Florida and it radiates through his every word. And what an honor to meet Larry Ball who played during the 1972 & 1973 years when the fins make it to the championships, took home a ring, and remains the only team to have a PERFECT YEAR!
As the 13th spot, the Dolphins havd added Laremy from Old Miss to the offensive line! Welcome to the team! Best of luck this year guys.. fins up!


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